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Enhancing opportunities for projects in arts and culture, filmmaking and education. We help picking scriptwriting, development, production, post-production and distribution grants for films of any kind. We also work with theatrical production, exhibitions, festivals, internships, workshops etc.

“Sonuncu” (“The last one”) is a short film about World War II veteran, who is the last veteran in the world left alive. Lonely old man is lost in time, in space … He has been living in his own world for a long time, talking with a fridge, and hiding his past in it…
Festival de Cannes
During filming I realized that I had to go to Damascus, where the boy’s parents lived. Because of certain difficulties with Syrian visa we got there through Beirut, Lebanon where no visa was required.
RIA news 24.10.2016
It's crucial to have a reliable team. If your partners aren’t based in Russia, you literally have to visit them more instead of waiting for their call.
Forbes 09.06.2017
A true producer always takes risks in the beginning and knows for sure what they’re about to do
Forbes 09.06.2017
Because of co-production a film gains volume and versatility, the story becomes more familiar to people of different cultures
Trend news agency 24.05.2014
The goal of the project is to show the fate of a little man in the midst of ongoing global tragedy.
International film festival about human right Stalker