Sonuncu (The last one)

Sonuncu (The last one)

Sonuncu (The last one) short movie was selected by Cannes Film Festival officinal selection of the main competition.

The Last One is about the last living World War II veteran.

The old man had outlived everyone. His friends, his wife, his children… But he wasn’t lonely. A dilapidated old fridge buzzed in the corridor. The old man couldn’t remember the last time he’d spoken to anyone. Every evening, he lay down to die.

Every morning when he woke up, he would shuffle to the fridge. It wasn’t that good a companion – it would wheeze and shudder, then suddenly fall silent in mid-sentence, which really annoyed the old man – but for him, it was family.

That day started as usual. The old man woke up alive, and headed to the terrace. But this time, the fridge was dead…

Director Sergei Pikalov
Producers Maria Ivanova, Nasib Piriev
DoP Denis Madyshev